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Collection of Poems

I’ve never considered myself a Poet. I don’t even know if these lines below make any sense. I however, put it up on the blog, so I have proof that I once dabbled in Poetry.

These are the result of conversations, with people, with self and my ever evolving ideas of Love, belonging and Journey within.

“I looked for you,
In the oceans,
The trees and the endless skies,
By the mountains and the rivers that I journeyed by,
The Temples, Churches, Mosques,
And all places of worship,
My feet hurt, my mind went blank, with so much confusion,
And when I finally sat down,
I shed a silent tear,
With the realization, that, you were within me all along”.

(The journey within)

I ran my hands,
On the vast mounds of sand,
And it felt as though you were
Right next to me,
When I bent down to
Look at the intricate lines
On a leaf, and tried to kiss it,
It felt like you were smiling at me,
When I turned,
the wind brushed my face,
Making me wonder if you had touched me.


When I see you,
we will hold hands,
And let silence consume
All the words stored in our heart,
And relay it through our eyes.

(Without words)

Emotions rush to become words,
Words rush to turn into poems,
Poems rush to make its way to you,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of you someday.

( Restless, Translation of a Kannada Poem originally written by Shiva Acharya)

In a city that never sleeps,
With fast cars, bright lights,
Where one never feels whole,
Your thoughts keep me awake,
And wanting more.


When you leave,
Every second feels like a lifetime,
And when you’re here,
Many lifetimes flashes by in a second.

(Time and us)

Like the rain that was lost within those clouds,
Like the night that didn’t end despite the day,
You faded away with words,
Into a poem.

(Lost, Translation of a Kannada Poem originally written by Shiva Acharya)

I wish we would go
Wild with our enthusiasm,
Lust for more words,
To fill
Our heads
Because as we age,
The wrinkles will increase,
Our voices will not be heard,
what will remain is
And a mind ripe with words
That will
Kill our silences.

(Importance of words)

“Like the flower that was admired
From a distance,
Never held, touched or felt,
the flower that didn’t complete it’s purpose,
Of Being an ornament at his almighty’s feet,
It withered away
As admiration was not that
It desired”.


I wish I were the wall
That day,
When you leaned against it,
I wish I were the reason for you to smile,
I wish I was in the air you breathe,
So I could know,
What your thoughts are like,
Listen to your heart closely,
Marvel at your mind,
And be the sigh you
Let out,
After that smile.

(Looking at a picture)

“Perhaps life has its own ways,
Of teaching you to
Keep your eyes and heart open,
Look at us strangers then,
Traversing along the same path,
With no knowledge of each others presence,
We walked the same streets,
Lost in our lives,
Yet, our hearts bled, for
The same emotions
That never got reciprocated,
Today, we know each other,
Like the sky does its stars,
So close, yet distant,
Perhaps our foray into
the journey,
In this world
Has just begun”.


“Have you observed,
How the raindrops
Find their path,
through the leaves,
The stems,
And eventually become one with the earth?
That is how I want to
Know you”.

(Learning about you)

“He weaves words,
Like those lines on my palm,
A maze, which I never want
To find my way,
Back to where I started”.

(Lines on my palm)

“Where I frantically
Looked for love,
I found you,
Sitting peacefully
And gracefully,
Making me wonder
About my own histrionics”.

(The Search)

I Crave for you
As much as the drought hit land,
Craves for water,
Nothing more, Nothing less.


I thought of you, while taking a walk today,
I thought of how nice it’d be,
to see the world with your eyes,
During this journey,
I imagined myself running out of of things to say,
and use your words, analogies instead,
Coupling them with my thoughts,
I then imagined
laying down beside you
At night,
Watching the stars,
smelling the earth,
and finding where all my words had gone.

(Losing words, inspired from the Movies Before Sunrise/Before Sunset)



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